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Keyboards & Synths

Hammond BCV with Leslie 122

Hohner Clavinet D6 

Rhodes Suitcase 

Wurlitzer 214A

Yamaha C1 Semi-Concert Grand Piano

Arp 2600

Arp Odyssey MkII 2810 (Moog Filter)

Behringer VC340

Eminent Arp Solina String Ensemble

EMS Polysynthi

Moog Minimoog Model D

Moog One

Oberheim OB8

Amps & Guitars

Fender Deluxe 5a3 (1949 Tweed)

Fender Deluxe 5e3 (1959 Tweed)

Fender Harvard (1959 Tweed)

Fender Princeton (1961 Brown)

Fender Pro Reverb (1966 Black)

Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue (2014 Silver)

Airline 62-9012A (1964)

Ampeg B15N (1977)

Bergantino BAmp

Bergantino HG310

Magnatone Mono Twilighter

West Fillmore (1971)

Fender '52 Reissue Telecaster (2004)

Fender '75 Reissue Jazz Bass (2005)

Fender Custom Shop Bass VI (2019)

Fender Musicmaster Bass (1976)

Gibson ES-330 (1967)

Harmony Bobkat H-15 (1965)

Vox Phantom XII (1966)

Giannini AWN300 Nylon String (1973)

Martin HD-28BLE (1990)

Martin OM-21 (2013)

Silvertone 620 Jumbo (1959)

Takamine F-400S 12 String (1977)

Drums/Drum Machines

1966 Ludwig Club Date, 20x14 Kick, 18x14 Kick, 12x8 14x14 Toms, 5x14 Pioneer Snare

1969 Ludwig Standard, Maple, 20x16 Kick, 8x12 14x14 Toms

Dennis Chambers Signature 6.5x14 Snare

Ludwig Acrolite Olive Badge 5x14 Snare

1973 Roland Rhythm 330

Roland TR-08 


Digital Audio Labs Livemix with 5 personal headphone mixers

Neumann KH120 Monitors

Presonus Sceptre S8 Monitors

Plugins/Software Instruments

Arturia V Collection 7

Eiosis Suite

Fabfilter EQ's

Goodhertz Suite

Kiloheartz Suite

Slate All Access Pass

SoundToys 5

Valhalla Reverbs

Waves Suite

Effects & Pedals

Aclam Dr. Robert Overdrive/Boost/Vox UL730 Clone

Analog Man Envelope Filter

Biamp Professional Reverb MR140

Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble

Chase Bliss Audio Generation Loss

Chase Bliss Audio Mood

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae

Echo Fix EF-X2

Electro-Harmonix Analog Memory Man Delay

Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress (1970's)

Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude Analog Delay

Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal

HFX Phase II (Mutron BiPhase clone)

Jam Pedals Wahcko Plus Wah Pedal

Jam Pedals Fuzz Phrase

Jam Pedals Retrovibe

Jam Pedals Waterfall

JHS Muffaletta

JHS Bonsai

Kinotone Audio Ribbons

Maestro Echoplex EP-3

Meris Hedra 3-Voice Rhythmic Pitch Shifter

Mutron Phasor II

Mutron Bi-Phase

MXR Distortion + Vintage

MXR Phase 90

Origin Effects Cali76 Bass

ProCo RAT II (late 80's)

Retro-Sonic Flanger

Strymon Compadre Boost/Compressor

Strymon Deco Tape Saturation & Doubletracker

Strymon Flint Tremelo/Reverb

Strymon Ola Chorus/Vibrato

Strymon Volante Magnetic Echo Machine

Vox Wah

Xotic BB Bass Preamp

Xotic EP-Booster

Yamaha EMP700 Multi-Effect Processor

Echoplex EP-3

1977 Ampeg B15N



AKG 414B


Aston Spirit

Audio-Technica AT 4060

Audio-Technica AT 4033

Audio-Technica AT 3060

Blue Mouse

Electro Voice RE200 (x2)

Josephson E22s (x2)

Neumann U87 (matched pair)

Peluso P28

Peluso P67

Peluso P84 (x2)

Peluso P414

Rode NT4

Soyuz 017 Tube 

Sterling Audio ST55


AKG 190E


AKG D112

Beyerdynamic M88n (x2)

Electro-Voice RE-20

Electro-Voice 635A Omni (x6)

Sennheiser MD-431

Sennheiser MD-441 (x2)

Sennheiser e609
Shure SM7B

Shure SM57

Sony F-121


AEA R88 Mk2 Stereo

Beyerdynamic M160 (x2)

Beyerdynamic M260

Coles 4038 (matched pair)

Fostex M77RP

Peluso SR14 Stereo 

Mic Preamps/EQ's/Dynamics

API 512v (x2)

Chandler Design TG2-500

Great River Electronics MP-500NV (x2)

LaChapell Audio 583e Tube Pre & EQ

Millennia HV-3D-8

Neve 1073LB (x2)

Rupert Neve Designs 511

Trident S100-8

Joe Meek VC1Q Channel Strip (x2)

LaChapell Audio 583e Tube Pre & EQ

Audioscape 76a (1176 Blue Stripe) (x2)

Audioscape EQP-A (x2)

Drawmer DL 441 Quad Compressor/Limiter

DBX 160A (x4)

Conversion, Daw, Recording, Tape

Presonus Studio 192 + Presonus DP88 

Pro Tools 12 (24 In/Out)

Audio Technica RMX-64 Multi-Track Cassette Recorder

Teac A-2300SX 1/4" 2-Track Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

Direct Injection/Reamp/Attenuation

Behringer Ultra-G GI100 DI

Cloudlifter CL-2 (x2)

Horizon Straightline DI

Noble Tube Bass DI

Radial EXTC Stereo Reamp and Effects Loop Interface

Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre Active DI

Radial ProD2 Stereo DI

Radial Pro Mono Passive DI

Swart Night Light (x2)

Whirlwind DI (x2)



NEve 1073LB

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